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Very, very early pics and press ...

1966 - 1971       




1971 - 1976

                  College Bands           Off To Denver (1973)        




The Coffeehouse Circuit      





The Racquette River Rounders   -    The Rolling Clones



Johnny & The Triumphs



Jumping ahead a few years here are some shots from the Silver Jubilee of 1998

From Kribstock 2001
Photos by Melody Thomas

with Brian Mellick





Directions to the studio:

From Albany and points South:
1. Take I 87 North to Exit 13N (Saratoga).
2. Turn right onto Rte 9 drive about 5 miles into downtown Saratoga (the
street is called Broadway)
3. Turn left onto Church St. aka Rte 9N (you'll be headed North). The
corner of Broadway and Church has the
post office, city hall and a marble bank (Adirondack Trust) on it's
4. Stay on Rte 9N for about 15 miles. You'll drive through the village
of Greenfield. Then it looks Adirondack-like, with pine trees and
campground signs. Watch for "Bobs Bait" on the right. Drive over a
railroad track (as the road curves) and take the next lext left, County
Rt. 10 (There are signs for a bunch of lakes: Sacandaga, Hunt, Jenny.)
5. Stay on County Rte 10 for about 4 miles (it's a twisted mountain
road) and turn right onto Stewart Dam road (Hunt Lake Rd is to the left/
There is a crossroad sign before the turn).
6. Drive down the mountain to the end (about 2 miles) of Stewart Dam Rd
and take your first (hard left) left (right after the yield sign) onto
Parker Road. There is a sign marking Parker rd.
7. We are a 8/10s of a mile up the road on the left. The first house
you can see clearly from the road. # 240/ Yellow House/Old Camper in

>From points North:
1. Take I 87 South to Exit 21 (Lake George, Luzerne).
2. Turn Right onto Rte 9N (South), drive 11 miles into Lake Luzerne.
3. Turn Right at the light onto Bay Rd, (Sharp turn, Stewarts on
4. Drive 1/4 mile and take 1st left onto Bridge St. Stones Pharmacy on
the corner. Go over bridge and straight. You'll start to see the
Sacandaga River on your left.
5. Drive about 2 miles (watch your odometer from the bridge) and watch
for a left turn onto County Rte7. You want this left! This is the first
real left turn you come to (ie not a driveway or dirt rd) and you will
also notice a curving incline before the turn. It is the first
noticeable incline you come to.
6. Another quick left at the T in the road (after about 100yrds.) Still
on rt7 Follow County Rte 7 as it curves around over Stewarts dam. Very scenic. Watch for eagles!
7. At the next intersection, (right after the dam) bear/ turn right,
still on County Rte 7.
8. Drive about/ just under 1/4 mile and bear left at the intersection.
This intersection is a little tricky; Rt 7 (South Shore Rd.) curves to
the right and the intersection is on your left. You actually bear left
into the intersection and straight up Parker road. DO NOT bear left and
then take a left. Parker Rd is marked.
9. We are 8/10 mile up Parker Rd. on the left.  # 354 / Yellow House.


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