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THIS IS VERY COOL and features “The Trophy Husbands, Smokey Greene, John & Orion Kribs and many others! A new documentary by Jason Irwin that captures a time and place …so may are lost and forgotten! Here is the link.

Coming soon > “Just Dance” written and recorded by John Kribs (The Blue Wall 2012) to be included on a new album from S.V.A.N. (The Sacandaga Arts Network) I am thrilled to be included! ttps://

THE BLUE MYSTICS. “I Captured Your Tears”

More Info to come and links to the bands facebook page

ORION KRIBS earns endorsement deal with Godin/ Seagull Guitars!!!

John & Orion release new CD with the McKrells
“My Big Ol Broken Heart”

John & Orion appear on Michael Jerlings “Family Recipe” CD
Top of the folk music charts!!

 John Kribs REVIEWS    scroll to page 21

John and Orion From North Country Public Radio
UpNorth Music Home 

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