Upcoming Live /In person shows

November 11th “John & Orion Kribs” at the Stony Creek Inn 7pm. This is another favorite gig with a very high fun factor! Greast food, great atmosphere! and dancing just happens!! Cool! The Stony Creek Inn & Restaurant http://www.stonycreekinn.net/ Some J&O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49NOzdieJv8

GOTHAM & KRIBS (aka The Racqette River Rounders) Annual BOXING DAY Concert @ Caffe Lena 12/26/22 . This is always great fun. One of the highlights of the year! reservations are a good idea. https://www.caffelena.org/

Don’t forget Every Sunday 7pm> JKribs atohns zoom concerts! The link is on the streaming shows page of this website!

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